Friday, May 7, 2010

1955 Chevrolet 3100 pick-up truck, for sale in the rearview

For several years this 1955 Chevrolet truck was parked in front of a house along busy Highway 75 in Oneonta, Alabama. A faded for sale sign was leaned against the windshield. The bed was rotted out and it needed everything. It was one of the “second series” 1955 models. I passed on it because it looked too rough. That was 4 years ago. This 1955 Chevy 3100 disappeared not long after I took this photo. 

Today, I would buy that truck. Should have, could have. They always look better in the rearview mirror.

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Anonymous said...

I bought one of those about ten years ago with the intention of restoring it. I sold it because I was moving to another state. Bad move... wish I had held on to it.

Junkyard Life said...

You've got to take it as a lesson to do things different - next time.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

have had my ride through 2 wives.both hated it.thats 25 years and counting.thats like selling one of my kids,never happen.

fmolnar427 said...

if i could i would restore every old chevy/ford/dodge..i saw

i have a 66 impala ss....its a real ground up...labour of love.

but when its more saved....Chevy

that truck has hot rod all over it...what a classic work of art.

Anonymous said...

well i have one that is taken a part have every thing from the motor down 601 798 4463