Monday, October 16, 2023

WATCH Part 2: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am Totaled by Tree, 4-speed Ahead!

What next? Owner struggles with tough decisions in aftermath of his 1979 Pontiac Trans Am being totaled by a tree. Insurance details were sketchy at first. Would Sean Casey's beloved Pontiac be covered? Luckily, yes! We saw the Trans Am soon after Casey posted it on FaceBook Marketplace for sale. (He shared his story with us here in Part 1 video.) Casey has owned the Pontiac for 30 years. It was a tough decision to let go of the Trans Am that he made so many memories in with his family.

It did not take long for Casey to narrow his search for a replacement second gen Pontiac Trans Am. Casey found a red, 4-speed 1975 model Trans Am in Georgia. Once the insurance check cleared and Casey had reached a settlement to buy back his crushed Trans Am. Scant hours passed and a deal was made with a buyer from Texas to acquire his crushed T/A. A mere 12 hours after I saw the car, the black, 1979 automatic shift Trans Am was on its way to Texas with a new owner who was excited to tackle the body work on the mashed Bandit.

Sean Casey with his new addition, a 4-speed 1975 Trans Am.

The 4-speed transmission was the difference maker. Casey loves black Trans Ams but this one seemed to check a lot of boxes.

This was Casey's first car, a 1975 Pontiac Firebird Formula 4-speed.
Back reliving the glory days.

Sharp-eyed Pontiac fans will note his 1975 Trans Am has a 1976 front bumper. The red replacement Trans Am made Casey's decision to sell his black T/A a lot easier.

Casey was all smiles as he reminisced about his first car–a 1975 Pontiac Firebird Formula with a 4-speed. This new Trans Am would satisfy Casey's urge to shift gears and relive some glory days. Grandkids and a supportive wife are eager to take some trips in the newly purchased Pontiac.

Best of luck and we'll see you on the road soon!
Thanks Sean!

Jody Potter
– Junkyard Life: The Story Beneath the Rust

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