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Million Dollar Junkyard for Sale, closed in 1979, full of rusty gold

Alabama junkyard full of classics finally for sale after closing in 1979. But it's the cars only!

Million Dollar Junkyard full of classic cars for sale in Alabama! This small town family junkyard closed in 1979 in north Alabama. Hundreds of classic cars from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s were collected by the Brooks family as a hobby/family junkyard. Initially, the junkyard was a joint venture by two brothers. The family has decided to sell off the cars. It was not an easy decision. For years they were unable to call the recycler to scrap out the place because the cars have too many memories. The day they never thought would come is here. All the cars and trucks, muscle cars, rare wagons, and convertibles must go! 

Frank Brooks is selling the hundreds of classic cars in the family junkyard.

If you decide to buy or make an offer, there is one catch. The $1M buys just the cars. You will have six months to move them out. After six months a rental fee will be charged to the buyer if all cars not removed. Also, seller says that you may not run a business out of the property. Using the property as a car lot to sell off the vintage vehicles is not an option. 
Buy them all, move them and do what you want. The seller knows it will be an involved process. Trees will have to be cut down to avoid damaging the cars during removal. Final negotiations will be worked out with Frank who is featured in the video. Send me an email with your contact info.

I will pass along your contact info to Frank if you email me at:
To help me, put as subject line in email: Million Dollar Junkyard

Drop a comment if you see something interesting or have a fact about what you see out there. I barely scratched the surface.

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Jody Potter
— Junkyard Life: The Story Beneath the Rust

Also, appreciate the help from my friend, Todd Clark, in our adventure to mule country junkyard.

Frank walks past the 1950 Studebaker truck he drove in high school.

Rare 1959 Lincoln Continental convertible!

Hundreds of cars from the 1940s thru 1970s are everywhere.

Curious mules join us during our tour of the property.

Cadillacs and more treasures, that you don't find everyday, are found here in the junkyard that closed in 1979. And they are all for sale!

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