Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Six Muscle car era Chevelles find new owner, now these collectibles for sale again

Call it Chevelle-topia for guys looking to score a cheapish '68-'72-style GM A-body. A Birmingham, Alabama wrecker company hauled six Chevelles out of one little old lady's back yard recently. You see, she didn't need them, and Dean Chitty, of Fosters Wrecker Service, was happy to tow them away. I'm not sure what Chitty paid for them, or if she paid Chitty, to haul the six Chevelles off her property. I just know a six-Chevelle deal like this doesn't come around very often.     

A true 1969 Chevelle SS yard find.

  Among the moldy and rusty muscle cars is a red 1969 big-block 396, 4-speed Chevelle that appears to be the pick of the litter. Despite a missing windshield and drive train, the '69 Chevy is a solid project car for someone wiling to replace the floorpans. Chitty was asking $3,500 for it on Craigslist.
  Take a look at the six Chevelles from the yard find we missed. I know, it hurts, but if ever there was incentive to hunt for old cars, this is it.

Fosters Wrecker was dropping off Chevelles like it was the 1970s again. 

Save a Chevelle
  Chitty's assortment of Chevelles have their fair share of rust-through, holey quarter panels, rotted floorpans and leaky rear window channels but the basis for several restorations is possible. If you search Craigslist in Birmingham, Alabama, Chitty may still have some Chevelles or another project, like this Dodge Challenger,  inside his fenced lot. 
  Keep your eyes peeled and you may score the next deal before someone else scoops it up.

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Four round tail lights are found on all 1971-1972 Chevelles yet GM redesigned the front end to have only two headlights. What gives?

Classic '71-'72 Chevelles are finding favor among hobbyist not willing to pay the 1970 Chevelle entry price. 

Yard find sixty-nine Chevy SS without its legendary 396 engine. 

1969 Chevelle SS vin# 136379K478082. 7th digit (K) indicates Kansas, City, Mo. assembly plant.

Chevelle SS steering wheel with basic gauges means you could be looking at an 'SS' clone.

Chevelle parts are piled high amid the '69-'72 model GM A-bodies.

Note the Chevelle's (left) rusty roof courtesy of the stylish vinyl top option. 

Looks like a Chevelle prison yard.
SS stripes can make the crustiest 1972 Chevelle look tough.

A Heavy Chevy? No, just wrecker bait 1972 Chevelle headed for a temporary home at Fosters.

This 1972 Chevelle looked as mean as a junkyard dog.

A brown fender and a red fender give this yellow 1972 Chevelle some junkyard swagger.

1970-'72 Chevelles have an unmistakeable roofline.

Fosters Wrecker is often a hot bed of junktique classic cars. 

This brown 1970 Chevelle is ready for an engine and a roll bar.

Check out the production numbers of the popular '68-'72 Chevelles. Try finding an original V6 1970 Malibu convertible.

1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle production numbers
Your guide to 2-door Chevelles.

1968 Chevelles
  9,733 (V6), 2,919 (V8) -
300 Sedan
  5,661 (V6), 3,769 (V8) - 300 Deluxe Sedan
  4,534 (V6), 6,803 (V8) - 300 Deluxe Coupe
  20,561 (V6), 180,401 (V8) - Malibu
  835 (V6), 6,959 (V8) - Malibu convertible 
  55,309 (V8) - SS
  2,286 (V8) - SS convertible
1969 Chevelles
  8,235 (V6), 5,620 (V8) -
300 Deluxe Sedan
  3,321 (V6), 7,181 (V8) - 300 Deluxe Coupe
  14,724 (V6), 286,162 (V8) - Malibu
  484 (V6), 8,443 (V8) - Malibu convertible 
  86,307 (V8) - SS, coupes & convertibles
 1970 Chevelles
  6,119 (V6), 8,003 (V8) -
300 Deluxe Coupe
  12,256 (V6), 289,622 (V8) - Malibu
  381 (V6), 7,141 (V8) - Malibu convertible 
  53,599 (396-V8) - SS, coupes & convertibles
  8,733 (454-V8) - SS, coupes & convertibles
 1971 Chevelles
  6,660 (V6), 17,117 (V8) -
  6,220 (V6), 189,970 (V8) - Malibu
  0 (V6), 5,089 (V8) - Malibu convertible 
  19,293 (V8*) - Z15 SS option, coupes & convertibles
  9,502 (454-V8) - Z15 SS option, coupes & convertibles

 1972 Chevelles
  6,993 (V6), 22,714 (V8) -
  4,790 (V6),207,598 (V8) - Malibu
  0 (V6), 4,853 (V8) - Malibu convertible 
  24,946 (V8*) - Z15 SS option, coupes & convertibles
  5,333 (454-V8) - Z15 SS option, coupes & convertibles

*In '71 and '72 a Chevelle SS (Z15 option) could be ordered with these engines:
  L65 - 350-2 BBL
  L48 - 350-4 BBL
  LS3 - 402-4 BBL
  LS5 - 454-4 BBL  
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Anonymous said...

i am nearly in tears when i see the condition of these awesome muscle cars. i am nearly 46 yrs old and to this day have not been able to afford a chevelle, but yet growing up my parents had a few chevelles. '65, '69, '72, i was told i would get the '65 & '72, but never happened. both were sitting at friends' homes, and sold right under the parents noses. the '65 was a race car my dad inherited from his brother who died of cancer.

i would love to own a '71 SS or anything from '64-'72, seriously, i make hardly nothing at royal farms store, but i am willing to save my bucks to finally earn myself a drivable chevelle and hopefully start a restoration fund soon for when i purchase one. i cannot afford one of these $5,000-$80,000 chevelles so i would have to start at the bottom.

thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

I need a 1971 malibu green steering wheel must be mint 954-918-3456

Qua'Maine said...

How much do you want for one of da SS Chevelles?

Anonymous said...

My dad has a 1971 malibu and he has had it for a long time. He loves the car like a kid. I am 17 years old and I gown up on a junk yard in Leeton Mo. I would love to get a 1971 malibu to work on and with all gass and seats. You can Text me at 1660-422-2183 because I dont get that good of a signel. please help :)

Anonymous said...

Im 19 years old and i helped my best friend build his 77 nova from the ground up. Ive been in love with these cars since i was little. I wanna 1969 or 70 chevelle ss project to build myself. Me being as young as i am and loving these classics really bring the attention to old school people. but i love it. Not all teens are attracted to dumbass speakers and rims, i love me some Detroit muscle. four hundred fifty four cubic inches of mean lol it makes me cry to see these old rods sit to rot.... its a shame man...

Anonymous said...

anyone have or know of where any 1964-1972 Chevelles are? any condition, parts, etc., ANY year, but especially 1972... thanks!

Anonymous said...

im 14 and i would love to have one of these old school muscle cars to fix u but i dont have an nufgh money ggggrrrr

Eagle497 said...

im 14 too and in search of a 71 ss Chevelle to restore with my dad

Anonymous said...

Great story! Glad they didnt go to the scrap yard,With the price of scrap these days fools find this stuff now and scrap it for a quick buck.

Unknown said...

Yes I have a 72 malibu

Zephan said...

How much for the 1972 Chevelle with racing stripes

Unknown said...

Do they reply to anyone yet I'd like a 70ish chevelle

Unknown said...

Kick me in the %$%@ my first car was a 71 Chevelle and like a dumb @$$ I totaled it because I was screwing around and left the car in Texas and what I wouldn't give to have that car back right now

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

How much for the brown chevelle? I am 16 and trying to get a real nice old muscle car to fix with my dad and grandpa and that brown one looks good

Unknown said...

If anyone is interested in selling a 71-72 Chevelle with in the range of 3500,4000 please leave me a message

Unknown said...

Looking for a 1971 Chevelle

Anonymous said...

I would like a 72 chevelle

dgelmini2121 said...

any 71 chevell Malibu convertible for sale looking for 1 that needs completely redon for a project

Pittfan72 said...

Yes I have a 69 rebuilder for sell

Unknown said...

Iam looking for a fixer uper a 1972 chevelle please help cheap..

Unknown said...

How much?

Unknown said...

I am look for a 71 Chevelle hard with a four speed I want to redo it all how much can I buy one for

Lauren said...

I am Looking for a 69 Chevelle SS. How much can I buy one for?

Lauren said...

I can't seem to get in contact with anyone about a Chevelle SS. I've emailed but no response.

Junkyard Life said...

Lauren, hope you received my reply by now but here it is for all others interested in buying a 1968-1972 Chevelle.
We run across a few Chevelles but our list of people wanting one is a mile long. Demand is strong with no signs of letting up. My advice for everyone wanting one, is buy one already fixed in the best condition you can afford, drive it for free for several years. Keep it forever or sell it someday and make money. These Chevelles are money in the bank with big interest!
Jody -

Unknown said...

I'm looking for a 70 chevelle

towing berkeley said...

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Justin Brown said...

Looking for a 71 chevy or something similar

Justin Brown said...

Looking for a 71 chevy or something similar

Unknown said...

Need price on a ss if you're selling 4197052669 my name Jr have good day

Unknown said...

Looking for ss fixer upper said...

Hi, looking for a 66, 67 Chevelle to restore, also open to restorable

GTX, Buick GS, 67 Cutlass, anything cool 1966-72ish. Thanks, DS

Jay said...

Looking for a 1968 to a 1971 chevelle I can restore if someone could get back with me I'd appreciate it also have a number 681-285-0207 text or call thank you

Anonymous said...

Hello I'm intrested in the 69 chevelle