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Cars in Yards: 1968 Mustang 2+2 Fastback, "Bullitt" beauty is a one-owner (video, photos)

No looking back on this one-owner 1968 Mustang 2+2 fastback. Janice T. was 22 years old when a Presidential Blue 1968 Mustang 2+2 became her first new car. She traded in her red on white 1963 Buick Skylark convertible on the day she grabbed this pony car’s $3,200 payment book. Her 'Stang was a stunner back in the day and still stops people in their tracks wanting to buy it. "You can look, but it will never be for sale." Let's take a look.

Carroll Shelby designed the fastback Mustang to compete in the marketplace with Corvette buyers. 

Fastback fever
  Walk around this parked pony car just one time and the urge to own a 2+2 Mustang is overwhelming. 
This car has a menacing stance, like it's ready to pounce. I’ve never owned a Mustang and now I know that I should, and will own an early fastback. I don’t even mind the subtle signs of rust from years of weathering storms unsheltered. 
  The fastback's light blue interior is in great shape and holds a surprise bigger than that set original 1968 hubcaps in the back seat. Janice wheeled her Mustang 2+2 from a bench seat!

Bench seat fastback
  Bench seats are an oddity on early Fastback Mustangs. Ford built just 1,335 Mustangs Fastback with the front bench seat option for 1968. A small number (less than 0.5%) when you consider 317,404 Mustangs were manufactured by Ford that year. Janice's Fastback is a 63C code bodystyle. 1-of-1,079. Here is a breakdown for the numbers nuts:

1-of-1,335 Mustang Fastback 2+2s equipped with bench seat in 1968
  • 63C 2dr Fastback, bench seats: 1,079
  • 63D 2dr Fastback Deluxe, bench seats: 256

1967-1968 Mustang 2+2s gained legendary status due to the high speed heroics that unfolded onscreen in the 1968 movie "Bullitt." 

Trim tag on the door jam of this 1968 Mustang.

Trim tag breakdown
Warranty Number: 8F02C195185
Vehicle Data-
Body: 63C 2+2 Fastback, Standard Bench
Color: X Presidential Blue Metallic
Trim: 8B Lt. Blue Crinkle Vinyl and Dk. Blue Knitted Vinyl, Bench Seat, Standard Interior
Date: 16E May 16, 1968
D.S.O: 21 Atlanta
Axle: 2 2.79:1, Conventional
Trans: W C4
Year: 8 1968
Plant: F Dearborn, MI
Body Series: 02 2+2 Fastback
Engine: C 289 2v V8
Unit: 195185 

1968 was the first year for the script 'Mustang' emblem on the fender. This one is equipped with a 289-V8.

1968 Ford Mustang production

Body Code Body Style                   # Built

 01   65A Hardtop                              233,472
 01   65B Hardtop, Deluxe                       9,009
 01   65C Hardtop, Bench Seat                 6,113
 01   65D Hardtop, Deluxe, Bench Seat        853
 02   63A Fastback                                33,585
 02   63B Fastback, Deluxe                      7,661
 02   63C Fastback, Bench Seat                1,079
 02   63D Fastback, Deluxe Bench               256
 03   76A Convertible                            19,224
 03   76B Convertible, Deluxe                    3,573
 03   76C Convertible, Bench Seat             2,579

Other Mustang links

How to "Bullitt" your Mustang
is a good reference site for building a replica of the Fastback Steve McQueen thrashed in "Bullitt." You will learn that McQueen ditched the stock steering wheel for a 1967 Shelby Mustang wood wheel wrapped in black leather.
– Jody Potter,

The sweeping lines of the 1967-1968 Mustang 2+2 fastbacks gained fame in the movie "Bullitt."

Ford made few changes to the 1968 model Mustangs. The 'FORD' letters were eliminated from the edge of the hood. 

The original 1968 Alabama license plate adorns the front of Janice's fastback Mustang. 

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Anonymous said...

The Mustang looks better in your pictures than it does in real life. Makes me want to put it back on the road. JT

Anonymous said...

Yeah, "it will never be for sale". So sad. At one time this car could have been saved. Unfortunately, the owner would rather see it rust away thinking that one day she'll have it restored. I bet if you started poking it with a screwdriver you could sweep 50% of the car into a paper bag. Nothing more than an interesting conversation piece.

Anonymous said...

How can people do that to a Mustang?? Must have no heart... Please someone steal.. i mean save that car! (we all know it's the right thing to do)

Shell said...

This is my mom's car. My dad and I restored it in 1986. It was beautiful. Have a lot of great memories from that project. Motor slung a rod and money was tight, so it got parked. I would like to see it restored to its glorious potential someday. Please don't knock the fact that they keep it with hopes of restoration. It is very sentimental to them and me.

Junkyard Life said...

Keep the 'Stang in the family - no amount of money can replace what the car means to your family.
Junkyard Life readers always cringe when they see a dream car left to ruin. Moving the car into a sturdy, dry shelter will be like putting money in the bank.

Good luck with the 2+2!

~ Jody Potter

Anonymous said...

Yeah? How about a $10 tarp from walmart to keep the sun damage and rust damage to a minimum?? Too much to swing for you? Then sell it to someone who can do the car justice and hang on to your memories....sheesh!!