Monday, June 20, 2011

Readers' junk: Willys wagons, Edsels found on Pennsylvania junkyard crawl


An ear for music and an eye for old cars. When he's not jamming on blues and rock, 47-year-old Greg Platzer, owner of BCR Music & Sound in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, is on the lookout for old cars to photograph. Platzer, an avid photographer, once owned a 1973 Dodge Challenger and is naturally drawn to vintage American iron at old junkyards. Platzer shared some of his recent finds with junkyardlife.

– Jody Potter, junkyardlife

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1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe with some Pennsylvania junkyard patina.
A distinctive grill bar identifies this as a 1955, 1956 or 1957 Chevy dump truck.

Platzer spotted these junked Edsels while taking his daughter to school. They were not for sale.

Salvaged axles were piled high at this unnamed Pennsylvania junkyard.

This black 1966 Lincoln Continental still sheds its 45-year-old factory paint.

Greg Platzer, guitar guru and junkyardlife rock star.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Please don't call them "Ford Edsels", there is no such thing as a Ford Edsel, they were and are just Edsels. Edsel was a division of the Ford Motor Company, just like Lincoln or Mercury, but with worse engineering and awful market timing.

You'd never say "General Motors Chevrolet" or "Chrysler Corporation Plymouth" its redundant. I love you sight and the features, just avoid the "Ford Edsel" trap.

Junkyard Life said...

Sorry & thanks!
I will correct the post.
Please let me know if I run off course with my facts or general automotive knowledge. I want to get it right and welcome your insight.


Anonymous said...

Just hit a minor nerve there Jody and I'm sorry if I came across as a jerk/know it all in my comment. I guess as an Edsel owner(58,59,60), I can get a little protective of my preferred make and four wheeled "monuments to failure".

You have a great thing going here and I look forward eagerly to every update. Have a super day and take care.