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Cars in Yards: Washington reader delivers Model A Fords, 1938 Buick, Austin more

Rusting classic cars and trucks offer glimpse of the past in the Great Northwest. Dave Kennett of Washington State has watched a yard full of vintage iron, from the 1920s through 1940s, slowly morph into the lush, green landscape. Kennett has driven by the acres of farmland, which sits 12 miles south of the Canadian border, for several decades. He finally decided to stop and snap a few photos of some of the antique vehicles that litter the property

1920s Model A Ford parked for decades just outside a barn in Deming, Washington.

Parked and forgotten
  "They've been there all my life," Kennett said. "I've never talked to the owners but I'm guessing that the family was into logging, way back when they were cutting down huge trees there." Several complete body shells on frames are scattered beyond the barbed wire fence along Mosquito Lake Road in Deming, Washington. Heavy duty vehicles, including what may be a 1921 Schacht 5-ton truck (top photo), appear to have been parked and forgotten. Most wear period-correct rims and tires. Who knows how many project cars could be started with these mostly complete chassis? How about a parts run for your next rat rod?

A pair of 1920s-era Model A Ford work trucks are posted near a fence line on Mosquito Lake Road in Deming, Washington.

A 1938 Buick, covered by brush and moss, still has air in its skinny, right front tire.

1947 Austin A40 Devon, an import from Great Britain.

Keep the photos coming
  Kennett, no stranger to old cars, has spotted many would-be dream cars on his travels into California and Canada. He didn't have to go far to find these. Sometimes the most interesting finds are in your own backyard. 

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