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Cars in Yards: 1972 Pontiac GTO post coupe

Rare 1972 Pontiac a 'post'er child for neglect. Gary K., a 28-year-old fan of classic American muscle cars, from Long Island, New York tried to rescue this 1972 Pontiac GTO that he found languishing in his suburban neighborhood. Gary is a junkyardlife kind of guy. When he finds a classic car sitting outside, he wants to find out the car's story and possibly work a deal to purchase the car and save it from the elements. 
Twin scoops adorn this 1972 Pontiac GTO's hood.
  "From the looks of it, this GTO has been sitting for a very long time and it is almost not worth saving judging by the amount of body rot," said Gary. After a quick glimpse at the neglected, low-production muscle car, Gary jumped into action. "I tried to contact the owner," said Gary. "I left notes in the mailbox and rang the doorbell multiple times but to no avail." Gary came away empty-handed but luckily for us, he took his camera and delivered these photos to junkyardlife.  
Dig the Cragar SS rims on the 1972 Goat!
Rare Poncho post
  Finding a 1972 Pontiac muscle car parked outdoors on four flat tires is a rare site indeed. Pontiac sold 134 ‘post’ coupe GTOs among the 5,807 total GTOs built during the 1972 production year. GTO coupes featured a window frame around the door glass and a post at the leading edge of the rear seat's side window. When the GTO's windows are rolled down a chrome post is visible. Drag racers favored the post cars for their more rigid chassis. Prudent buyers liked the solid seal between the door glass and rear window that the pillared coupes offered.
  In 1971, Pontiac offered the T-37 or GT-37 optioned LeMans, which featured the GTO's performance in a 'sleeper,' coupe body, but by 1972 only the Pontiac LeMans GT in coupe or hardtop was available for buyers to get the GTO power on the cheap. The choices were narrowed but it's anybody's guess as to why 134 GTO buyers opted for the 'cheap' look.
  This rotting Pontiac GTO also features a special order paint color for 1972. The buyer paid an extra $115 for menacing Starlight Black paint. Who's the cheapskate now?
Notice the 1972 GTO's optional passenger's side, chromed rear view mirror?
1972 GTO coupe details
  The VIN # shows the car was built with a 400 engine. Inside an automatic transmission with console shifter is nestled between the bucket seats. The optional formula steering wheel is icing on the cake. 
1970-72 Pontiac GTO's and LeMan's featured these distinctive tail lights.
  Thanks Gary! We may not have seen the last of this ’72 GTO judging by Gary's enthusiasm to save this Pontiac. "This is a SUPER RARE goat from the last days of the muscle car wars and it's just rusting into the ground," Gary said.
  When Gary locates a distressed classic car he usually turns it into a restoration project, then resells it. Sometimes that comes back to bite him. He is still kicking himself for selling his first car. "I worked on my 1971 Chevelle SS convertible all through high school then sold it years later, which I regret dearly," said Gary.
  I hope someone rescues this rare Goat before it's too late.

– Jody Potter, junkyardlife

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Chris said...

Nice "patina". I'd drive it just like that.

ledzeppfan said...

do u hav a 1968 dodge charger???

Anonymous said...

I'm in the process of purchasing on of my own 1 of 134 72 GTO post coupe's. Last great goat!

Unknown said...

Any body knowing of a 1971 steel hood for a gto

Unknown said...

Any cheap 72 GTO orlemans with a good body available?