Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Junkyard Tour: Cherry Avenue Auto Parts, Birmingham Alabama - Part 1 - VIDEO

Junkyard Tour of Cherry Avenue Auto Parts in Birmingham, Alabama on a hot summer day in 2019. Baz Sultan, the son of owner Paco Sultan, gave Junkyard Life an exclusive tour of more than 3-acres of the property. Of course we were looking for junkyard gold in the form of 1960s muscle cars, but were happy to stumble across several relics from the 1970s.

Baz, only 19 years old but full of energy and optimism gave us some insight on what it's like running a junkyard. Baz plan is to operate his own car lot, selling nice, clean, drivers, while his father continues the auto parts business.

Our true reason for landing at a junkyard on the western side of Jefferson County Alabama was an ad on Facebook Marketplace. A recent auction purchase, a 2001 Buick, needed some front end parts. Cherry Avenue Auto Parts listed a Buick in the same, not-so-uncommon gold color with parts for sale. Two Junkyard Life galoots, Jody Potter and Ron Kidd, scampered out, tools and camera in hand to get the goods and a story.  >>Watch video for Part 1.
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