Sunday, January 8, 2023

Junkyard Tour: Cherry Avenue Auto Parts, Birmingham Alabama - Part 2 - VIDEO

We continue our quest for Buick parts and classic cars at Cherry Avenue Auto Parts in Birmingham, Alabama. Our guide, "Baz" Sultan, gives us the deluxe tour of the 3.3-acre yard with more than 1,000 vehicles. "Baz" has lived his entire life in Alabama and learned the valuable lesson of hard work from his parents. His father, Paco, runs Cherry Avenue Auto Parts. "Baz" has a dream of owning his own car lot when this was recorded in August 2019. His determination to be successful is evident in his words. We were inspired by "Baz" and his dreams.

While Ron Kidd and I (Jody Potter) were busy touring the yard, Blake, an employee at Cherry Avenue Auto Parts, is hard at work dismantling the junkyard jalopy. It's a 2000 Buick sedan that is a runabout used on the yard to fetch parts and tackle work. The jalopy has no doors, trunk, and only 110,000 miles on the odometer. Blake said the A/C still worked. In a short time Blake had the 3800 Buick engine cradle on the ground, as Paco lifted the body in the air with a forklift. Our day at Cherry Avenue was full of surprises. More old cars will be uncovered in the next episode. Stay tuned!
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