Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Junkyard tour: Antique Auto Parts in Grimsley, Tennessee

Tour a remote Tennessee junkyard that serves customers around the globe. Antique Auto Parts is a private junkyard that does 99.9% of its business via the Internet and is owned and operated by a guy who is known only as "Murf." Murf's 7-acre junkyard is loaded with more than 125 vehicles built before 1981 and includes thousands of loose parts that have been pulled from vehicles that were dying for a date with the crusher. "They can't all be restored, where would you get the parts?,” said Murf. I know, it's not always a pretty picture but Murf and his wife, Lorrie, have found a way to move hard-to-find parts from the backwoods of Grimsley, Tennessee into the hands of customers as far away as Serbia, Australia and the Netherlands.
Murf, the owner of, walking to his shop in Grimsley, Tennessee.

The junkyard is home
  Murf’s junkyard, which is also basically his home, has been operating for 5 years and is open for business to the public but not to just anybody. "I only let people come in to pick up parts by appointment only,” said Murf. “My place is barely visible from the road and I’m not even open to locals, except by word of mouth.” Murf’s wife, Lorrie, operates the website side of the business where customers are encouraged to email their parts request and be patient, not just ‘show up’ and ‘walk around.’ Murf and Lorrie stay busy interacting with customers and may answer more than 100 emails concerning parts per day. A high tech junkyard with solo manpower is hard work no matter how fast the Internet connection.

Murf sold some parts from this 1960 Buick Invicta before it was crushed by another yard.

You may even find a 1939 Ford coupe at

Old car buff in his element
  Murf, 47, loves old cars and is in the business of saving what he can from the crusher. “Sheet metal pieces are my most requested item,” said Murf. “I will cut anything up.” Currently the oldest car in Murf’s yard is a 1946 Ford and his favorite is a 1961 Olds. “I like different,” said Murf. He is also a guy willing to spend countless hours salvaging parts from junkyards that are ready to ‘crush out.’ Murf only hauls absolutely useless pieces that will fit in a bucket to the scrap yard. “I hauled the remains of six cars in the back of a pickup truck. Imagine six cars in the back of a pickup,” Murf said.

Spreading classic parts around the world
  It’s amazing what one little junkyard in Tennessee can do to keep the old car hobby alive on a global scale. Murf and Lorrie are always on the hunt for good deals or hard to find automotive items. They buy, sell and recycle auto parts from local Tennessee junkyards, Ebay and Craigslist to maintain thousands of parts and hundreds of cars in’s inventory. Murf and Lorrie are saving classic cars and parts that would inevitably find their way to the crusher. Those rescued cars and parts then find their way to restorers and classic car hobbyist around the world. We can all feel better about that.

— Jody Potter, is spray painted on the doors of many of Murf’s cars.
Murf pulls any salvageable part before he takes them to the scrap yard.

Everywhere you look at Murf’s junkyard you will find classic American cars.
Murf sells parts and some whole cars on his website and

A 1965 GMC is Murf’s wife Lorrie’s daily driver.

What  - Antique Auto Parts
Where - Located 2 hours east of Nashville in Grimsley, Tennessee. 
Hours - Murf’s secret junkyard is open by appointment only. Email them. 

Find out what he currently has for sale at these links: Antique Auto Parts
Elderly Iron

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