Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cars in Yards: 1973 Pontiac GTO for sale, seller's phone number lost

This 1973 Pontiac GTO was discovered languishing in North Carolina. As luck would have it, the owner wanted to get it out of his yard.
Elusive 1973 Pontiac GTO is buried in a cell phone. I met a guy in North Carolina this summer who really wanted to sell a 1973 GTO,” Ron Kidd, my pal and car buff extroidinaire, said calmly. "It has been parked in his yard for a long time."
  A black, 4-speed, 'Colonnade' body style, GTO with dog dish hubcaps immediately popped into my head, as I listened to Ron describe his yard find. A mental movie featuring the 'Car I Want to Buy at the Moment,' played on a continuous loop. I hammered through the gears in my mind as Ron poured out more details.  
  Ron said, "I snapped a few photos and I've got the owner's telephone number stored in my phone. The dude called me ten times." Ron's Goat find got my attention, despite the fact that '73 GTOs have been treated like an overweight cousin by much of the muscle car community. My enthusiasm was soon tempered by a dose of A-body reality. I've never seen a cheap GTO that wasn't a basket case. Could this be the "GreaT One?"  
This 1973 GTO is a Sports Coupe which featured louvers on the rear quarter windows. Pontiac also built GTOs without the louvers, known simply as GTO coupes.
Park a car under a tree long enough and you get busted glass. A tree planted a limb inside the windshield of this '73 Pontiac GTO. Aargh!

Parked Pontiac pulls me in
Even with a busted windshield and other ailments of neglect, Ron got me fired-up for this 1973 GTO. Obviously, the engine needs attentions. Possibly the transmission, springs, shocks, brakes etc. But with a little sweat equity, I could make this Pontiac a presentable investment, or so I thought. 

"GTO Phone Home," I need the digits
Ron dug into his phone records for the calls from Carolina, but has yet to find the phone number of this GTO's, eager-to-sell, owner. As thoughts of burn outs and high speed, highway blasts in a '73 GTO begin to fade, I've got to ask for help. Does anybody know this GTO owner's phone number? If you do, send it to 

GTO photos brought to you courtesy of Ron Kidd, the owner of that snazzy 1972 Olds Vista Cruiser, top right. I hope he closed the GTO's trunk before he left.

Pursue your dream cars
Old cars are an addiction to some people, including myself. I enjoy finding, wrenching and driving cars that grab my attention, such as this mid-70s iron. The quest for cars is half the fun. Choose wisely, you may find your dream car.

This one-year only 1973 Pontiac GTO colonnade body style is one of 4,806 built. 
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Bob West said...

My Dad bought a 1973 Sport LeMans new off the lot in early 1974. Exact same body style as this Goat, but with a vinyl top. Somebody special ordered it during the oil embargo and changed their mind. It was loaded with almost every conceivable option Pontiac offered......but was a six-cylinder! He got a smoking deal on it, but the lack of power made him trade it later in the year.