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1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler spins heads, stops heart after glance into overgrown yard

The perfect storm. “Unlikely” is what we thought when we found this hidden treasure. Jody and I traded phrases like, “No way!” and “You gotta be kidding me!” We had spotted an elusive 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler in the wild. 
  These redesigned street bullies, offered in 1970 and 1971, blazed the blacktop at the height of the muscle car wars. The bare-fist, horsepower brawl fought in Detroit went into a full-tilt, glory grab for 1970. This recently unearthed ’70 Mercury Cyclone was equipped with all the necessary armor for street battle. A cagey buyer checked off the right boxes to build this unique looking Baton Le Yellow (Alabama speak for yellow stick). So, for those not so familiar with Mercury’s weapon of choice, it breaks down like this: 
   Mercury wanted an eye popping muscle machine to compete with everyone. Nascar, NHRA, and anyone else located in Red Light, USA. And the new, for 1970, 429-cubic-inch monster would do it.

Junkyard Life’s first glance at the 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler – a storm warning was coming our way!

 Cyclones rare in Alabama and everywhere else
   We at Junkyard Life would bet that Mercury only sold 1,631 Cyclone Spoilers because they only built 1,631 of them. Cyclones joined a select few Ford-based engines equipped with a Rochester Quadrajet. A highly-tweakable, four-barrel carburetor that was experiencing great success, with (get this) GM. Cyclones even had a “Ram Air” type air cleaner. (Gear head note: Another option would have been the Super Cobra Jet engine featuring a Holley Carb) 
   To build the Cyclone, Cyclone GT and the featured Cyclone Spoiler, Mercury used many popular, muscle car era, styling cues. In this Cyclone Spoiler, we  spotted design elements from Mercury Montego, the Ford LTD, and seats that reminded us of Chevrolet’s “Houndstooth” pattern. Jody also noted how the tail lights would appeal to the Mopar crowd, Challenger fans specifically. 
  This Cyclone was a winner, all around, but unfortunately, it would not be a hit to many muscle car fans in 1970. Only a few Mercury Cyclones have been seen and enjoyed on the streets. This may be the only one we, at Junkyard Life, have ever seen and it has been off the road for 20 years. 

Houndstooth, black and white seats compliment the ’70 Cyclone Spoiler’s interior.

These unsuspecting clowns, Ron and Jody, studiously examine a 429 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler. That’s putting it nicely. We were dumbfounded, but ready to learn!

Spoiled all over
   Despite my theory that the car was named Cyclone due it being a lot of muscle car cues “whipped up” into one car. That probably wasn’t what Mercury had in mind when they named this car. It was more likely named because a cyclone is a powerful storm that is known to do damage, much like this would do to the ego of the drivers of lesser cars. We do know that the Cyclone Spoiler was named appropriately due to the spoilers on the front chin and rear deck wing, like our feature car.

1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler’s rear spoiler shoves the car down on the road for better stability (in theory) at HCS (High Cyclone Speed).

We spotted power brakes, power steering and an owner added Holley mounted to the 370-hp 429-cubic-inch engine for more throttle-stabbing fun.

Wish I had thought of that 
   The owner of this Mercury, found in Alabama, had a gut feeling that Cyclones would be something to hold onto. The owner did one better than that, he bought every one that he found during the last three decades. He now owns four Cyclones. Two 1970 models and two 1971 models.
   This fantastic Cyclone Spoiler in Competition Yellow also has a Traction-Lok rear with 3.50:1 gears, and an automatic C6 transmission. It is also an air-delete car, with manual windows and an AM radio. It was factory equipped with power brakes and power steering. 
   An air-delete 429 that spins both tires? We know what this car was born to do-hopefully, it will be doing it again soon if we have anything to do with it!
Happy Hunting! 

Ron Kidd
— Junkyard Life

“That’s a lot of motor for a guy!” Our dad would have said that.

Competition Yellow paint, body stripes, 429 engine, Ram Air hood along with front and rear spoilers add up to one mean muscle machine circa 1970.

Well-preserved interior features a factory tachometer canted toward the driver, from the center of dash, and a wide sweep speedometer, in front of steering wheel. A lot of divisions had a problem combining the two, but Mercury had no issue giving us what we want. Junkyard Life loves factory tachometers.

One-of-very-few 1970 Cyclone Spoilers seen in the wild.

Ron Kidd moves in for a closer look at the 1970 Cyclone Spoiler. Notice the Mopar-influenced tail lights?

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Did you save the Cyclone? Please tell me you did.

Junkyard Life said...

The Cyclone is still there and covered up. Owner planned to keep.