Monday, October 31, 2011

LOL Cars: Monster ‘dub’ rims for Halloween

Frankenstein rolls on monster dubs. You've seen 30-year-old donk, box and bubble Chevys transformed into flashy rides just by adding 22-inch chrome rims. Lately, the wheels have been getting scary big. 30s are the new 20s.  
  Look up and you will notice the bodies on these cars are rising. The latest 2-wheel drive monsters use a 6-inch, up to a 17-inch, suspension lift to raise the car above the enormous chrome wheels. These extreme lift kits cost around $2,500. Factor in another $10,000 on wheels and tires and the accessories quickly add up to more than the value of the car.

A Chevy Monte Carlo SS on monster dubs looks ready to crush cars on Monster jam. 

2-wheel drive looks like 4-wheel drive
Raising your box, bubble or donk requires money and courage. Like-minded car builders will marvel at your monster dub machine. But stares, chuckles and comments about the lack of 4-wheel-drive are sure to follow. 

The handling of a high-rise dub monster will likely suffer as much as a lifted truck on 35-inch tires. Broken suspension parts can make a mess out of lifted G-body in a hurry. I imagine roll bars and KC Lights will be the next step in the evolution of these monster dub machines. 

– Jody Potter, junkyardlife

A bubble Caprice with a suspension lift dwarfs a VW in downtown Birmingham.

1976 Pontiac Grand Prix on monster dubs.

That is the drive shaft connecting the tranny to the rear end.

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