Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Auctions: Lincoln Town Car bites the bullet as production ends on Ford's Panther platform

Ford ceases production of the rear-wheel drive, V8, Panther platform, which includes Lincoln Town Cars, on Thursday. It was ironic to see a bullet-riddled 1981 Town Car at a recent Birmingham, Alabama auction. Ford started production of the smaller Town Car in 1981 as a replacement for their larger-than-life 1979 Lincoln Continental. The Town Car has been Lincoln's flagship automobile for more than 30 years. From grandmas to gangsters the Lincoln Town Car has many fans. Taxi and limousine drivers swear by their durability. Unfortunately, rear-wheel drive Ford sedans' days are numbered. When the last Town Car rolls off the St. Thomas, Ontario assembly line another icon of America's roadways will be dead.  

Notice the seat belt tied to the steering wheel?
It keeps the front wheels straight with the transmission in neutral while towing.

Cardboard corpses 
The gray 1981 Town Car included four cardboard corpses. These were uncommon optional equipment for a full-size luxury sedan, even if it was at an impounded vehicle auctionI noticed the rear passengers appeared to have sustained more kill shots. And they say the back seat is safer?  

Winning bidder owns a Town Car and gets targets to practice their Second Amendment rights.

1981 Lincoln Town Car. Yes, those are bullet holes. Time to reload.

Crown Vic police cars, Grand Marquis fall victim  
Ford's Crown Victorias, which have been limited to fleet sales since 2008, will also cease production this week as the Panther platform ends. The last Mercury Grand Marquis, also on the Panther platform, rolled off the assembly line in January 2011. 
  Stock up on parts if you own one. Somewhere, somebody is reloading. 

These Ford Crown Vic police cars were built on the Panther platform as well. 

– Jody Potter, junkyardlife

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