Monday, February 28, 2011

Cars in Yards: 1955 Chevy Nomad two door station wagon rotting in Oregon

1955 Chevy Nomad dream car, parts car or project. BTW its not for sale. Photos by Rob Butler.
1955 Chevy Nomad yard art. Milwaukie, Oregon's Rob Butler spotted this rare 1955 Chevrolet Nomad languishing in a yard recently. Butler, an automotive cartoonist, who founded Sasquatch Artworks and is known as ‘Rob the ToonMan,’ was quick to recognize the abusive relationship this Nomad represents. An owner mindless to protect a classic car from the elements and steadfastly unwilling to sell it. As painful as it is to see any Tri-Five Chevy suffer needless neglect, witnessing a ’55 Nomad die execution-style warrants a call to the Oregon governor. Can I get a blindfold?

Looks like Shoreline Beige roof over Glacier Blue on this ’55 Nomad. Gypsy Red fenders were not part of the 1955 color combo options.
  GM built around 8,500 Bel Air Nomad two door station wagons for the 1955 model year and their values are soaring. According to Collector Car Market Review Value Report 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomads are not cheap, even when they are in #5 condition. That means they need a complete restoration. 
Condition - Values
 #1 - $78,900
 #2 - $57,325
 #3 - $41,150
 #4 - $25,875
 #5 - $10,300
Aerial view courtesy of Google. See map of ’55 Nomad location.
Original Nomad tailgate skins along with any Nomad-specific parts are tough to find.

  If your willing to travel to Oregon and make the owner an offer he can't refuse, maybe, just maybe, you can save this 1955 Nomad. Future generations of hot rodders will thank you for saving a piece of history.
– Jody Potter, junkyardlife

Nomad, no doors. Still cool.
The first ’55 Nomad on junyardlife's Cars in Yards.
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