Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Junkyard find: Pull your parts soon on 1971 Pontiac Firebird Formula, Trans Am before crusher gets them

Myth: 1971 Firebird Formulas don't end up in junkyards anymore.
Bad stuff happens to good cars. This 1971 Pontiac Firebird Formula (or is it a base 'Bird, Espirit or modified Trans Am?) had the misfortune of landing in the local pull-your-own parts yard in Birmingham, Alabama. A reader tells us its fiberglass Formula hood had a jagged, shaker-sized hole carved into it (ugh!). Despite the glaring damage to the hood, many other rare, early second generation Firebird parts are waiting on a date with the crusher. 
Look at that beautiful, straight, chrome rear bumper.
Gold mine of 1971 Firebird parts
More good parts than bad ones on this 'Bird. '70-'73 Firebirds shared many interchangeable parts. Try finding a set of tail lights, front bumper assembly, rear bumper, fenders and doors. Grab all these parts: fenders, doors and front and rear bumpers. It will only set you back for a total of $200 at this yard. That's a steal for Pontiac F-body parts of any year model.
This '71 'Bird will fly away in pieces. Another junkyard casualty that should have been saved.

The center chunk had been removed from the 8.2" 10-bolt rear end.

What is it?
No VIN number to decode here but a few clues lead me to believe this is a Formula. The wrong year, rear spoiler appears to be from a '79-81 model. A Trans Am decal can be seen beneath the blue paint. A previous owner had racing aspirations with this 'Bird. Cutting a hole in the macho Formula hood wasn't enough. They bolted a set of trac bars in the rear to compliment the Ram Air and Shaker set-up. Sometimes more is less. A likely scenario is this Formula's owner had T/A envy. No Espirit or base 'Bird owner would go to this much trouble to look like a half-breed. The iconic, aggressive profile of the '70-73 Firebird Formulas deserves better than this.

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Anonymous said...

How sad that really is a beautiful car. I got the chance to drive one a few months back. What a car.