Junkyard Life is your source for junkyard gold, barn find muscle cars and a place where you can meet the gruff characters who cling to the cars and parts that make your greasy dreams come true. Diligently uncovering soon-to-be extinct, historic junkyards, and rusting classic cars on our adventures along the back roads of America.

Jody Potter
Raised by a junkyard owner during my formative years and driven by necessity to own older, well-worn vehicles on their last leg of a journey to the junkyard. If you have an old car in your yard, chances are we've met. I keep my hands greasy working on whatever vehicle I can drag home. I sell my junk to pay for more car parts and food for the family. See you at the junkyard.

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Ron Kidd
A gear head whose imagination revs to redline when hunting old cars and parts. He feeds his passion for dilapidated Detroit iron by writing, photographing and sharing his adventures. Buckle up and hang on, because Ron, a.k.a "The Earth Roaming Car Guy," brings high-speed energy and enthusiasm that can be felt in his treasure hunting experiences. Enjoy.  

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Ringo said...

Would you sale the gold 74 camaro? I had one just like it in my younger days

Junkyard Life said...

You can get behind me in line. The owner has no plans to sell it but I keep asking. I'll tell him you got next shot at it if I pass on it. LOL
Jody –

Unknown said...

Hope to find a 56 belair for fair price 303 435 6239 thank you

Unknown said...

How can I contact the owners of classic vehicles?

Unknown said...

My name is Wil from Houston tx wanted pictures and prices of your lod school classics

Anonymous said...

I want to buy a chevelle

Anonymous said...

Wanting to buy 67-72 chevelle ss. Wanting to know how much?

Anonymous said...

I have 63 64 65 wildcat clamshell headlights 38 Ford pickup quite a few Studebakers a 61 corvair a barracuda a cougar a Studebaker champ lots of classic cars were trying to sell .

Anonymous said...

Being raised in Tyler, Back in the 80's I had a 66 mustang. I some how ended up in a Mustang junkyard looking for a part which I cannot remember what it was. This was around the Gilmer area I think. The guy had fastbacks everywhere and stacked on top of each other even. Now I'm sure all of these if anything is left are rust buckets. Wish I had a better job and know what I know now back then and I would have a few of my own now.