Thursday, February 16, 2023

Bill Elliott, BBQ, Police: 24 hours of Lemons at Barber 2023

Red, white, and Cue! What do you get when you mix Bill Elliott, Barbecue and three Police Officers? The 2023 Shine Country Classic at Barber Motorsports Park! We didn't get arrested but we got the goods on all the junk car Lemons racers running laps around the Leeds, Alabama track. Some of these cars are so bad that I could beat them with junk in my driveway! Hey, that's not a bad idea! More on that later.

We did see some excellent "race cars" among the more than 120 cars and spectacles that hit the track during the first weekend of February tradition at Barber. Our favorite was the number 9 Bill Elliott tribute backed by the Thin Blue Swine race team. Their 1986 Ford Thunderbird is a replica of NASCAR's record-setting, superspeedway Thunderbird. Car owner Bruce Jansen has always been a fan of Awesome Bill from Dawsonville. Building a Thunderbird to race in Lemons flying Bill Elliott's colors and number was a no-brainer. Jansen pulled in two of his fellow police officers from Huntsville, Alabama and driver Matthew Nance to complete the driving duties for the team.
The number 9 T-Bird stands out among some of the grittier, or comical rides that are here to compete and have fun. Their dedication has paid off with numerous sponsors helping the team meet the needs/bills of running a small race team.

The name "Thin Blue Swine" was borrowed from Tim's, fellow driver and police officer, competition backyard Barbecue team. These guys eat well at the track. I can attest that the smoke bologna is out of this world!

Thin Blue Swine team loaded our plate with fantastic barbecue!

The red and white Ford made such a splash everywhere it went that Johnny Lightning created a replica of the car in 1:64 scale.

Look out!
Junkyard Life spent the day annoying drivers and their pit crews and standing in their way as they tried to repair damage rear ends, eat their lunch, or get a nap.

Drive your own

Grab a steering wheel and $1675 and you can drive your very own Lemons junkyard jalopy around the track. Oh, don't forget the gas. 

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