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1967 Oldsmobile F-85 survivor reveals a two-tone Cutlass on the cheap

Scott Johnson hauled his latest find to Junkyard Life headquarters in Alabama.

Olds it! Right there! Our Junkyard Life Brother and resident Oldsmobile parts source, Scott Johnson, has scored once again. Scott showed up at Junkyard Life’s world headquarters with an awesome barn find – (almost) fresh from the barn. 
  I couldn’t stop looking at this fabulous example of Oldsmobile history and American car culture. This car just fit right in! A 1967 Oldsmobile F-85! This one is a 4-door sedan, also known to enthusiast as a “Town Sedan” due to having the loved and hated post dividing the windows. 
  F-85 was the designation for the base model, plain Jane, point-A-to-point-B, Oldsmobile in 1967. Living in the entry level spectrum with lower-priced models such as the Chevelle 300, Chevrolet Biscayne, Ford Falcon Futura and Dodge Dart. The F-85 was the best value Olds in the line-up. However, Oldsmobile wasn’t known for building basic cars. This F-85 STILL had options! Lets take a look at Scott’s F-85.

Original AM push-button radio sits in the dash of the 1967 F-85 Olds.
Push button AM radio and a really cool “F-85” emblem. Cool!

Burgundy with a white roof and painted drip rails
Two-tone roof and painted drip rails. Expensive and cheap on the same roof?

Options, options, options
  Immediately, we noticed the two-tone paint. An eye-relaxing, maroon and white combo. Very cool and I imagine that as attractive as it looks now, back in late June of 1967, it was simply irresistible on the showroom. Some lucky customer walked into Miley Olds in Sheffield, Alabama and thought the same thing. Paint codes N-C come back to the correct, as it sits, Burgundy Mist and Provincial White. But keep looking! 
  This car also has air conditioning and power steering. I halfway expected it to have power brakes (it did not), although the brakes would have been drums and not disc. So, can you imagine paying for those options and yet, no carpet? It's true, most F-85 models did not even have carpet, just a utilitarian black mat for those who wore shoes in the 1960s. The Oldsmobile does have bench seats, front and rear, that are in great shape. The original AM radio lives in one of the most perfect dash boards we have ever seen.

2-barrel carburetor sits atop the engine.
330 cubes of Olds Rocket power – even saddled with a 2-barrel carburetor the V8 pumped out 250 horses.

Power hungry
  This buyer did not settle for the six cylinder in this economy model. They checked one more box, scoring the 330 C.I.D V-8, making a very respectable 250 hp, even with a miserly 2-barrel carburetor. It even had the famous Olds Jetaway automatic 2-speed transmission. Drag racers love those now.
  Really, it doesn’t matter how this Olds was optioned. We would have loved it anyway. This Rocket is in great shape
overall with no rust showing. We love it. 
  Great find, Scott!

Ron Kidd
— Junkyard Life

Pristine, original seat covers inside the 1967 Olds.
Rip-free seats in otherwise great shape. I don’t know if that is the original material but someone knows! Tell me what you think.

Olds F-85 emblem spells out “Eighty Five” on each fender.

Rear view of Olds on trailer.
Rear bumper damaged in a prior towing incident. Fail!

Original dealer emblem from Miley Buick-Olds in Sheffield, Alabama mounted on the 1967 Olds F-85.

Still inside glove box
1967 Oldsmobile owner’s manual still tucked inside the glove box.

Original documentation in truck of 1967 Olds F-85
Oldsmobile trunk or treasure trunk? Look what we found! Yes, that is the original “Protect-O-Plate” warranty card and owners manual. Think we could get GM to change the oil? I really embrace these kind of finds.

1967 F-85 with a beefy 12-bolt rearend.
Also, note the 12-bolt rear end. Maybe not the best one, but a great conversation piece.

Scott Johnson is an Olds super fan. Read about his 1970 Olds 442.

Big, red and rust-free. This muscle car era Olds will make a comeback.

If this backseat could talk what would it say?

Black rubber floormats instead of carpet
Do you ever notice that 4-door’s interiors hold up better than the 2-door models?

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