Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Junkyard tour: Loner's Salvage & Car Crushing a source for classic cars, parts in Pennsylvania

Rust in his blood. John B. of State College, Pennsylvania sent us these images from his trip to Loner's Salvage & Car Crushing in Port Matilda, Pennsylvania. John is only 16-years-old but has a passion for classic cars. 
  "I've taken hundreds of photos of rusty cars along the roads and at junkyards." John shared a look behind the scenes of Loner's after he spoke to, Bill, the owner and signed a waiver. "Some of the cars have survived really well," said John. "A couple of the cars could be pulled and restored but the majority were completely rusted shells that were missing their windshields and windows."

This 1967 Mercury Monterey looks like it was driven into the junkyard.

Drop-top Mercury
  John, a huge fan of 1970 Chevelle Super Sports, was on the lookout for his favorite Chevy when a junked 1970 Mercury Monterey convertible caught his eye. "It appeared solid. That would've been the one I would take (to restore)," said John. 
  John didn't have any luck finding a 1970 Chevelle SSs but a 1968 Chevy Malibu, parked since 1988, is rotting away at Loner's. Dozens of classic Mopars, VWs, Buicks, Oldsmobiles, Chevys and an AMC can be found at this large Pennsylvania junkyard. Give them a call and check out the map, below, for directions.

This 1968 Chevrolet Malibu hasn't been saved and cloned into an SS, yet. 

Loner's Salvage & Car Crushing
Address: 11810 S Eagle Valley Rd, 16870-8648 Port Matilda, PA
Phone number: (814) 692-4919

Classic, workhorse trucks, add a barn and it equals an almost great photo. Can we scrap the late model squeezing into the frame?

A 1956 Oldsmobile waits for new life in Pennsylvania junkyard. 
Is Ford still building 1963 Falcons? These things are multiplying!

1965 Plymouth Barracuda's rear glass provided decent visibility, the redesigned '67 offered a more stylish, fastback fish with less glass, larger blind spot. 

A Mopar is buried under a mountain of appliances.

1968 Plymouth Road Runner still has its 383 engine.

1969 Chevy Nova, inline 6 with a Dodge hubcap.

Junkyard Plymouth Duster with damage.

1973 Coronet station wagon at Loner's junkyard.

More Mopars - victimized 1973 Dodge Dart.

1977 AMC Gremlin has found the rusty end of the road.

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Gary said...

Hey John, nice pics! I have a real deal 70 Chevelle SS 454 LS5 4-speed restoration project for sale if you are still looking. I'm on Long Island, NY and the car is currently on ebay, red with black stripes. Barn find sitting since 92.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what that Mercury's story has what appears to be a 1992 North Carolina state inspection sticker, by which time it would have been a collectible. Pity, hope someone saves it.