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Cars in Yards: 1967 Pontiac Firebird

Only original once. Tucked away behind a house in rural, east Alabama, a rust-scabbed, first generation Pontiac Firebird soaks up the sunshine. Vent windows on the doors and lack of arrowhead marker lights on the quarter panels are a definite sign this is a 1967 model. A quick scan of this Pontiac’s ramshackle shell reveals a silver arrowhead emblem on the front bumper. A clue that this Firebird was born to fly. Beneath the clutter atop this beaked ’Bird is an original, twin-scooped 400 hood.
Finding an original first generation 1967 Firebird 400 is rare.

Faster than a GTO?
All 1967-1969 Firebirds equipped with 400-V8s had the silver Pontiac arrowhead on their front bumper. These first-gen Firebirds were fast. They were smaller and lighter than the GTO but were offered with a wink-wink, “detuned” GTO engine. A quick adjustment of the carb and these F-bodies were hot to trot.

We love to drive our Trans Ams.

Trans Am cruisers
This ’67 Firebird was discovered on a recent, day-long cruise across east Alabama with my Firebird/Trans Am friends. Most of us have at least one second generation Firebird (1970-1981) model. We stopped in our tracks when we spotted a yard full of decaying hot rods. 1955 Chevys, 1969 Chevelles and a 1968 Corvette were in plain sight from the road. The homeowner was gracious enough to show us around his place and field a barrage of questions. Unfortunately, none of his cars were for sale. “The 1967 Firebird 400 is going to be restored by a relative someday,” he said.

Under the junk on this 1967 Firebird is a 400 hood.
Rust rules!
Most of this man’s cars were parked outdoors, aged by the sun and rain and sporting the perfect patina of neglect that I embrace. Patina and rat rods are currently all the rage. But battered cars have long been a choice I’ve made out of necessity, because I deal with a non-existent hot rod budget and zero disposable income. Crusty cars are cheaper. Fact. Your junk, my treasure. 

– Jody Potter,

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White paint, primer, rust. And you thought they painted your car one color at the factory.

The deck lid spoiler was not offered on the 1967 Firebird.

1967 Pontiac Firebird production numbers 
Hardtop Coupe / 400 Coupe / Ram Air Coupe: 67,032 / 18,632 / 65
Convertible / 400 Conv. / Ram Air Conv.: 15,528 / 3,658 / 2
Total Coupe / Total 400 / Total Ram Air: 82,560 / 22,290 / 67

1967 Pontiac Firebird commercial

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