Saturday, June 12, 2010

2010 Hot Rod Power Tour Junkyardlife Award winner

A 1947 Dodge Wayfarer grabbed the Junkyardlife Award from a field of more than 5,000 vehicles in this year's Hot Rod Power Tour. Armed with a welder and a pair of wingback chairs, Texans, Corey and T.J. delivered a cool, chopped and channeled sled that Archie Bunker would feel proud to own.
The Long Haulin' buddies threw this thing together in three weeks, using a 1984 Buick Regal chassis below the 1947 Dodge Sedan shell. A 305-cubic inch Chevy engine pulls the Dodge for now but a donated Hemi will make its way under the ram hood ornament when it gets back to Texas. A first aid kit loaded with Band-Aids keeps the guys safe from ragged welds on the 5-inch chop top job. A set of Oldsmobile wheel covers and wide white walls complete the look. 
What's missing?
I noticed several comfort items that may get overlooked unless your not riding in the comfy wingback chairs. Side door glass and windshield wipers are nonexistent. A quick shot of Rain-X on the windshield and Corey makes the Dodge rain-ready. A bungee strap holds the trunk in place. No need to ask if the A/C works. For a modern touch, a CD player and iPod are mounted on a homebuilt center console.
Future plans
Corey says the car is mostly done. They plan to leave the top half of the car bare metal and let the elements have their way with it.
Corey and T.J.
Living a junkyardlife
Corey and T.J. will drive away from this Power Tour knowing they have the junkyard ingenuity and drive to make what they have work. It's more sweat than money and crowds eat it up. Salute!

Resting in Hoover, Alabama after a long day on the Hot Rod Power Tour

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