Wednesday, March 3, 2010

READERS RIDES: Australian hot rods, PART 1

Wrenching on old cars, attending swap meets and car shows are all part of living a junkyardlife. This holds true no matter what part of the world you live in. John Sutton of Adelaide, Australia is more than 15,000 miles away from my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama in the U.S. but we enjoy our passion for all things automotive by doing the same things. Sutton sent us photos of two of his car projects, a 1970 Holden HG (above) and a 1968 Holden HK Premier. “I live about 15 minutes from the Holden factory in Adelaide,” said Sutton. “I can’t wait to start rebuilding my HK and giving it a new lease on life.” Sutton emailed these photos just before he left to attend two car shows in Adelaide. More hot rod photos from Australia are on the way. Life is good.

For those unfamiliar with Holden products you may know more than you think. General Motors has owned GM-Holden Ltd. since 1931. Chevrolet 350 cubic-inch, small-block engines have been produced in Holden vehicles in Australia since the 1960s. Sutton’s primered 1970 Holden HG is equipped with a GM V8 (right), Weld wheels and a host of speed parts. Future plans include installing a fresh V8 painted Chevrolet orange into Sutton’s silver 1968 Holden HK Premier.

Sutton thinks this may be the year to score a vintage American-made hot rod. “Hopefully this year some American iron will land in my driveway. A Camaro or 1955 Chevy?” Australia has a surprising amount of Fords, Chevys and Chryslers to choose from. 

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1968 Holden HK Premier.

Fresh V8 ready to install in the 1968 Holden HK Premier.

1970 Holden HG Premier, it’s right-hand drive in Australia.

1968 Holden HK Premier.

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Been trying to relocate my old car that was left to me by a close family friend Don allen of andamooka and was wondering if it is for sale.I had to sell it as i relocated to WA, on the proviso that if i returned that i had first option on it but obviously to late.If not i have all the books for RLL 719 including the original master key.
Don Ness
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