Sunday, February 28, 2010

1971 Pontiac Firebird pops up on top of VW bus in Louisiana junkyard

No, it’s not a deleted scene from ‘Smokey and the Bandit’.  Ron Arnold of Lafayette, La., sent me these photos of a high flying 1971 Firebird in a junkyard near Washington, Louisiana, see map here.  Arnold likes to roam the Louisiana back roads for old cars. He found this junkyard second generation (1970-81) Firebird on one of his outings.  “The owner says he doesn’t get much business anymore because most of the older stuff has come and gone,” Arnold says.  “Now, no one hardly comes by the junkyard.  Not being able to see the junkyard for the grass, I can see why.”

Can you close the hood a bit?  Rust likes it under there.

Pontiac Firebird production topped 53,125 in 1971. You can spot a 1971 Firebird by the horizontal louvers on the side of the fenders.  This bird is fortunate to be high and relatively dry in the humid southern climate of Louisiana.  This junkyard owner extended the life of a few Firebird parts by elevating the Pontiac on top of the Volkswagen.  You can tell a lot about the junkyard owner by his car stacking. It’s his pecking order.  I can tell this guy drives a domestic.  Too bad for you VW guys.

I don’t know which is worse? This Firebird wearing a Camaro spoiler or watching the Firebird rust away.

The VIN # on this Firebird is 223871N133544. 
Here is the break down.
2 - Pontiac line of GM
2 - Firebird series
3 - Standard model (70-71)
87 - Sport coupe (1970-81)
1 - 1971
N - Norwood, Ohio plant
133544 - Sequential production number starts with 100001 for V8 in 1971. It was the 33,544 Firebird produced in 1971.

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Pontiac 350 cubic inch engine rests under the hood of this 1971 Pontiac Firebird.  2-barrel carb? Probably.

160 MPH speedometer, check.  Mold colored seats, check.

Punch buggy. I win!

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jim donley said...

Hi, Jody! I really enjoy the relaxed, friendly style and the artful photography on your site, man. Very enjoyable. I was first drawn to your site, as I have a thread on another site which deals only with vintage cars sitting mainly in outdoor junkyards. Hundreds of folks have posted photos from all over the world and all but three states in the United States, so I'm only missing junked cars from Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee. Whenever possible,I also try and provide links so that people can go look at more old junkyard pix. Would you like for me to include mention of your efforts to call attention to your keen site? Thanks for reading my note, man! -- Jim