Friday, June 2, 2023

WATCH: 1965 VW Kombi bus takes a turn for the worse; Split-window crash, fail!

We did terrible things to the 1965 VW Kombi bus that we rescued from the Alabama woods. Maybe we should have left it alone? Almost five years have past and we needed to find the Kombi a new owner before we trashed it any further.

For Sale
A buyer from California answered the ad on Facebook Marketplace. Cliff, from Lancaster, California, needed a few parts and glass for his own project VW bus. The remainder of the Alabama Kombi will be made into yard art for Cliff's neighbors to admire.

Now comes the hard part!
Loading the VW bus into the furniture hauling truck. Sounds easy? No at all! Things did not go as planned. The bus fell. Watch the despair unfold.

Jody Potter
– Junkyard Life: The Story Beneath the Rust

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1965 VW split-window bus is cut into smaller parts after the bus crashed to the ground when loading it with New Holland tractor.
The VW bus was cut into pieces and loaded onto a truck after it crashed to the ground during a failed attempt at lifting the body up into the air.

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