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1972 AMC Javelin SST Alabama State Trooper


Look in the rearview mirror. We flashback a few years to take a look at Vince and Nancy Kolb's 1972 AMC Javelin SST Alabama State Trooper tribute car. I spotted the unmistakable blue and silver paint scheme associated with Alabama's highway patrol units at a local car show several years ago. The sparkling silver and blue Javelin was posted at the entrance to the show parking lot. Wary motorists passing on the main road slowed when they spotted the blue beacon atop the 1972 Javelin. Many were unsure of their speed or simply admiring a part of Alabama's highway patrol history as they passed the packed parking lot.

The Alabama State Trooper's office requested the large AMX rear spoiler on all Javelins because the highly visible space was needed for a large "STATE TROOPER" decal.

Big, bad, brute
Try to imagine pulling up behind a State Trooper Javelin in 1972. Unabashed style and intimidation. The giant rear spoiler emblazoned with STATE TROOPER shouts, "Back off!" "You don't want none of this!" A giant gumball light begging to be turned on. Waiting, ready for high speed pursuit. By no means do you want to pass any State Trooper on the highway for fear of getting pulled over for speeding. But a Javelin SST?

What would I do? In my youth-gone-wild days I might have tested this snarling beast. Now wiser, I know that a State Trooper in a Javelin is armed with an engine loaded for bear. Blasting the speedo needle deep into the triple digits to catch would-be highway racers was just another day in an Alabama State Trooper Javelin.

Alabama Javelin Highway Patrol History

In the early 1970s the state of Alabama, experiencing an economic crisis, found they could order budget-based patrol cars from AMC. The base model pony car Javelins equipped with 401 cubic-inch V8s were powerful enough to meet the Alabama Highway Patrols needs and cheap enough to keep the state happy. 

By the numbers
In 1971 the Alabama Department of Public Safety ordered 83 Javelins but only 71 were delivered before the 1971 model year ended. A total of 61 of the 71 were painted Quicksilver Metallic. The remaining 10 Javelins delivered on the initial purchase order were for the investigative unit and varied in color. 

That left 12 Javelins undelivered under the first purchase order. The everchanging marketing and production gurus at AMC decided to no longer offer a base Javelin on their 1972 models. The Javelin SST was AMC's plan to lure the upscale pony car market. The ADPS decided to stick with AMC and order more Javelin SSTs, which came with more options such as wood grain dash, rocker panel and fender trim (bright moldings), and SST emblems. ADPS ordered 62 1972 Javelin SSTs. The first order of 1972 models included the 12 remaining under the first order and AMC delivered those Javelin SSTs in the same Quicksilver paint color used on the 1971 models. When the state placed the second order, for 1972 Javelin SSTs, Quicksilver was no longer a paint option. Of the remaining 50 units ordered, 42 were painted Stardust Silver Metallic. The ADPS requested the hoods, decklids, and spoiler be painted Admiral Blue Metallic on the Stardust Silver Metallic Javelins. Eight Javelins were unmarked vehicles painted various colors. 

A 140 MPH speedo greets the driver of this 1972 AMC Javelin SST Alabama State Trooper car.

All highway patrol Javelins were shifted by three-speed automatic transmissions. Borg-Warner had shifting duty in 1971. A Chrysler Torque-Command A727 was used for 1972.

A total of 133 were built for the state of Alabama. The Alabama Department of Public Safety kept the 1971 and 1972 State Trooper Javelins in service from 1971 until 1974. Very few remain road worthy. Even fewer are in show quality condition.

Vince Kolb takes pride in the fact that his home state of Alabama was the first to utilize a pony car to track down speeders. He has since sold his two-tone 1972 Javelin SST State Trooper car but still drives his pristine 1972 Javelin State Trooper car in Quicksilver paint to shows around Alabama. A feature on that one-of-12 solid silver SSTs is upcoming. Stay tuned!

Final thought
I'm hoping more AMC Javelin State Trooper cars can be resurrected and find new highways to roam. Be warned, you may want to do a double take in your mirror if you find a AMC Javelin State Trooper sneak up behind you on the interstate. 

Jody Potter — Junkyard Life

When the State Trooper had to detain a suspect in a Javelin a backup unit was needed to transport them. On at least one occasion it was reported that a State Trooper placed their suspect in the AMC Javelin's trunk. 

The 401-V8 Javelin performed better than expected in high speed pursuit.

Alabama State Trooper decals are period correct on the 1972 Javelin SST.
Alabama State Trooper decals are period correct on the 1972 Javelin SST.

1972 Javelin SST sail panel emblem on State Trooper car.

Admiral Blue Metallic paint covers trunk, rear spoiler and hood of the 1972 Javelin SST. 

The Kolb's Alabama State Trooper Javelin info display draws crowds wherever they show their car.

All marked Alabama State Trooper Javelins had bright blue vinyl interiors.

SST trim provided bright trim over wheels and along rocker panels on 1972 Alabama State Trooper Javelins.

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