Friday, May 11, 2018

How to Build a Cheap Custom Intake

Smooth out the ugly on the cheap. Our LS intake on the 1966 Impala AWD never looked better.

Build it! Can’t afford a high dollar looking intake. Is your budget tight ? No problem, it just takes a little time and a junkyard intake.  Here’s how’s it done: 

Go to your local junkyard and pick out an intake to match the one on your project vehicle.  

Shave off all the extra plastic but save the sensors mounts they will be needed later. 

Use the plastic you cut off and a soldering iron to plastic weld (melt) the holes until filled. Install the sensors mounts in the rear of the intake out of site. 

Sand and finish the top with a little body filler. 

Pick a color and tell you buddies you ordered a custom intake.

Keith Lively
— Junkyard Life

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Keith Lively’s 1966 Chevy Impala is an LS-powered, 6.0, all-wheel-drive monster that he built during a thrash to make it on the Hot Rod Power Tour several years ago. Yes, he finished just in time. Now it has a cool custom intake too!

The big, AWD Impala handles much better than anyone expects. Take a look at the ride-along video below.

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