Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Cars in Yards: 1975 GMC Gentleman Jim

Rare black and gold Gentleman Jims were only built for half of the 1975 model year.

You can’t see me. I bet you’ve had this happen to you. You buy a car, van, or truck, and then everywhere you look, you see dozens of the exact make and model vehicle that you just bought on the road. In the same color even! The mind can play tricks on you. Just because you didn’t notice them before doesn’t mean they weren’t there all along. 
  We thought spotting a 1975 GMC Gentleman Jim in the wild was an impossibility, that is, until Ron Kidd wrote about them a few weeks ago. No sooner had the story about these rare trucks, produced for just half of the 1975 model year with less than 1,000 total units built, hit our pages when we trip over one in our central Alabama stomping grounds. No one would believe us, so we had to show you. Take a look at what appears to be an original paint Gentleman Jim parked in a yard.

Unique gold grill insert is a Gentleman Jim clue.

Side view of 1975 GMC shows that the fancy gold "Gentleman Jim" decals are no longer on the bed.

This solid looking, and straight 1975 GMC Gentleman Jim was available in long wheelbase only and it appears to be serving as the perfect, classy, do-it-all, part-time work truck. 

Keep moving and your eyes open
  No one was home to answer our questions about the Gentleman Jim in the yard, but we assume that the owner knows they have a rare classic. It looks original and unmodified. The dirt-stained spots on the tires could mean it has recently been moved after sitting for awhile. That’s a good sign. Keeping old things moving is the best bet for survivability. It works for people and trucks named Gentleman Jim. 

Jody Potter
— Junkyard Life

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