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1975 Camaro Rally Sport; rock star in a tuxedo finds drugs, Jesus and the junkyard

Rock star 1975 Camaro RS is Ready to Scrap. It's time to say goodbye to this disco-era road warrior. After serving time on death row at the local pull-your-own-parts, the crusher beckons this classy, two-tone, somewhat rare Camaro. Blessed with the unmistakable ’75-’77 Rally Sport appearance package that featured low-gloss, black paint across the hood and over most of the roof. A Rally Sport Camaro was like a rock star in a tuxedo showing up at your high school prom. He was the dude! 
  The ’75 RS, available in white, yellow, red, silver or light blue, was one of only a handful of fashion statements to survive the polyester decade without an overdose of ugly. Sadly, this Rally Sport got booted out of the prom. Along the way, he found drugs, Jesus and the junkyard. 

1975-1977 Rally Sport Camaros were an exterior paint, decals and stripe option. Less dough spent on air fresheners and more money on maintenance could have saved this Second Generation F-body.

Final look at the Rally Sport
  Restorable? Yes. Desirable? Yes. Surprised to find a 35+ year old car, that I want, complete, except for the engine, at a junkyard? No. Life is a roller coaster ride full of choices and changes. 1970s safety standards, fuel economy and ergonomics did not favor investing and restoring this prom king Camaro. The love was gone, as were the optional T-tops. The exterior was solid, but inside, the floor pans were rusted. Two $100 bill air fresheners hung from the rear view mirror. A sign that the inside of this Rally Sport's tuxedo was due for a delousing. Bumper stickers with religious and anti-drug messages clung to Chevrolet's youth-oriented, performance car. So many good times had by all. The party is over. Goodbye Camaro. Our friends are crushed.

– Jody Potter,

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Bumper sticker redemption. Jesus message bookends the "Live drug free" sticker along the ’75 Camaro’s aluminum rear bumper.

Mid-70s Rally Sport Camaros weren't the street beasts of earlier years but they looked great with a set of Cragars S/S rims wrapped in big ’n little rubber. 

1975 Camaro Rally Sport production numbers
 In 1975 Chevrolet sold 7,000 Z85 optioned, Rally Sport Camaros. That's less than five percent of the 145,770 Camaros built in 1975. The Rally Sport option was an exterior appearance package. It included low-gloss black paint on the hood, header panel, grill, headlamp bezels, top of fenders, majority of roof, upper portion of doors, rear end panel and license plate opening. A tri-color decal separated the black paint from one of the seven RS body color paint options.
  1975 was the first year for the wrap-around rear window on the Camaro and also the first year that the Z28 option was dropped. The Z28 would return in 1977.

1976-77 Camaro Rally Sport production numbers
  Less than nine percent, or 15,855 of the 182,959 Camaros built in 1976 were optioned with the Rally Sport package. In 1977, less than eight percent of the 218,853 Camaros built were Rally Sports.

1970  — 124,901
1971  — 114,630
1972  — 68,651
1973  — 96,751
1974  — 151,008
1975  — 145,770
1976  — 182,959
1977  — 218,853
1978  — 272,631
1979  — 282,571
1980  — 152,005
1981  — 126,139

YEAR  — TOTAL  — Rally Sport / %
1975  — 145,770  — 7,000 / 4.8%
1976  — 182,959  — 15,855 / 8.7%
1977  — 218,853  — 17,026 / 7.8%

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