Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cars in Yards: 400 Ford Mustangs in Texas are a collection of Tony's Ponies

Not the Mustang ranch, just a huge collection of 'Stangs are gathered in an east Texas yard.

If you could fit 400 classic Mustangs in your yard, would you? A Mustang ranch of the ‘Ford’ variety has taken up residence in east Texas. Brandon R. of Tyler, Texas gave me the scoop and the photos on this treasure trove of vintage Mustangs. A wide variety of first-generation Mustangs, 1964 1/2s thru 1973 models, are a junkyard dream come true for Mustang restorers. But are they for sale?
Customized 1970 Mustang Sportsroof or just call it a fastback.
Brandon, a young gear head with his ear to the ground on all things automotive, heard a rumor about a guy who had more than 1,000 cars in his back yard, including 400 Ford Mustangs. Brandon jumped in his truck and made a 2-hour drive to check out the story. He couldn't have imagined a giant collection of privately owned cars existed, even in Texas. 
Tony, the owner of 400 Ford Mustangs and many more cars in Texas.
Brandon met Tony, the longish, blond-haired owner of the secret ‘junkyard’ in Texas. "I spent 8 hours looking at 8 acres of cars," said Brandon. Tony pointed out that Brandon had only seen the beginning. "You haven't seen nothing," Tony told Brandon. Those 8 acres were like pocket change compared to the property's enormous size." With so much to see, Brandon barely scratched the surface of Tony's vast collection of vehicles, which also includes Camaros, Thunderbirds, Falcons, Impalas and Corvettes. 
Brandon says the blue 'Stang on its side is a Shelby.
"I saw so many cars, trucks, buses and vans that it was hard to try and look at everyone of them. We were given a limited amount of time to look at his cars." Tony booted Brandon out before he delved into the most valuable vehicles. "The sad thing, is that the good stuff was beyond what I saw." Tony is a smart guy and has been burned by thieves in the past. "He knows that by keeping the stuff out of sight, it is better protected against thieves." People would pay to see these acres of Ford Mustangs. If your reading this Tony, maybe we can schedule a junkyardlife tour?
Some of the Mustang sheetmetal has been scavenged.
Brandon, who sent us the great photos, is an 18-year-old, who coincidentally has owned 18 cars during his young, gear head life. He currently drives an orange 1972 Corvette with 49k original miles. Tony's Ponies has inspired Brandon to dream of someday starting his own collection. "If I had the acreage like Tony and the money, I'd snatch up everything I could find."

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Tony has collected a lot of fastback Mustangs. The green one is a 1969 model.

This blue Mach 1 Mustang looks like he donated a front clip and deck lid.

That's a Pontiac Trans Am blocking your view of the Mustangs.
1973 Mustang Grande in Texas yard.
Brandon called it Tony's Ponies, 400 give or take.

Poor man's jack stands or junkyard ingenuity?

A 1973 Mustang convertible, that's Tony clearing space in the shed.

Do uncovered Mustang engines rust in Texas?

1970 Mustang Fastback interior.

All these Mustangs and so little time.

Hey Tony, ditch the Mitsubishi Eclipse. 

In Texas the obligatory NRA sticker is mandatory if you don't have a drivers door.

The Mustang Grande never gained attention, until now?

Mach 1 with vinyl roof and zero visibility out rear glass still looks cool.

Tony's many Mustangs in Texas.

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4xford said...

Tony claims he has been burned by theives, but he is robbing others of the opportuinty to enjoy a mustang by hoarding all those cars!!!

Anonymous said...

do u sell or give it away some mustang ?

Unknown said...

I'd love to know where Tonys Ponies is. I live in East Texas and it might be worth a C-note or two to get that location.

Unknown said...

Oh, I'm if you want to divulge the location of Tonys Ponies.

Anonymous said...

Back in the 80's there was a mustang junkyard around the Gilmer area I think. I went there one time. If anything is left I'm sure it's all rust by now. I wish I had known what I know now. Guy had fastbacks sitting everywhere. I didn't have money anyway lol.