Thursday, November 18, 2010

1969 Ford Mustang Barn Find 302-V8, 4-speed for sale in Texas after 25 years in barn

This barn find 1969 Mustang was put out to pasture for $500. After decades of protection this ‘69 ‘Stang was yanked from the barn’s dry confines for its own safety. “The only reason it was moved is because the barn was falling apart,” says Brandon R. of Tyler, Texas. “It was eight years ago when a rusty John Deere tractor pulled the Mustang out on a chain and left it under a tree.” Brandon sent us these photos after he discovered the car for sale in Van, Texas. “It was a back woods kind of place.”

Inspecting the $500 1969 Mustang barn find.

Why was it parked?
Rowing through the gears in a 1969 Mustang coupe powered by a 302-V8 was a kick in the pants in 1977. Unfortunately, a game of parking lot bumper bash led to mothballing this Mustang for 25 years. The front end crash forced the ponycar’s radiator to contact the fan blade causing fluid spill and its premature parking. A new radiator, fan belt and fan blade would have gone a long way in getting the Mustang back on the streets during the disco decade. Plans to repair the Mustang were indefinitely put on the back burner. It languished untouch as kids and grandkids took first priority.
1969 Mustang 4-speed with V8 power. Have a seat in somebody's dream car.
He who hesitates...
You guessed it, this one got away before Brandon could make a deal. “The car was 500 bucks, but once again, before I could go and get it, it sold,” Brandon said. “It was a 302-V8 with a 4-speed. I wanted the parts to change my 1970 Mustang automatic transmission to a stick. It also had a few options that mine didn’t have.” 

Note the blue door panel - original paint code was Acapulco blue.

This 1969 Mustang was originally from Dallas and had been resprayed since it left the factory with Acapulco blue paint. The damage from the minor accident and eight years under a tree was fixable. “The missing hood, probably removed since 1977, was still in the barn. The only rust was in the right, quarter panel,” Brandon said.
Damaged hood was removed, exposing Mustang's engine bay to Texas skies after being pulled out of barn 8 years ago.
Lesson learned?
When you miss a classic car deal like this, a valuable lesson may be learned. The term 'buyer beware' has a whole new meaning. It may sink in after you get through kicking yourself. 'Beware' car nut, you may not have a second chance on a 1960s-era musclecar for five bills. You've got to pull the trigger on a deal before it gets away, or else you'll regret it and words like these will haunt you. “The guy was flexible on the $500 too. Title, keys, etc. came with the car.” Argh!

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Decades old Dallas, Texas parking decal.

1969 Mustang barn find interior should clean up easily.

Barn find '69 Mustang trunk.

1969 Mustang, $500. Regret, priceless. 
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