Sunday, August 8, 2010

Junkyard crawling in Wisconsin: The forgotten junkyard!

Dream of finding a ‘lost’ junkyard? John B. of northern Wisconsin sent junkyardlife these scenes from a forgotten junkyard near Rhinelander, Wisconsin. “About 50 years ago, they closed this yard up, and hauled everything away, or so I thought,” John said. A dozen cars of 1920s and 1930s vintage are scattered in the woods. Ironically, the cars sit on land that belongs to the Nature Conservancy. “I don’t think they would acknowledge having a junkyard on their property.”
Bring a chainsaw
“I believe the cars could be had for little or nothing if the owner's (whoever they may be) even know they exist,” says John. Removing the one or two larger hulks would be a monumental challenge because Mother Nature has reclaimed them for herself. “The cars are going to have to be hand carried out because the trees have grown up through the cars.” 

“I wish I could have ‘rediscovered’ it sooner,” says John, a former truck driver who has been everywhere and seen his fair share of junkyards. Unfortunately, rust belt roads wreaked havoc on these ancient automobile shells long before they landed in this forgotten junkyard. “Most of these hulks are now paper thin or worse but they are still fun to look at,” says John. 

Thanks for the photos John! We like to look at automotive history that has escaped recycling too.

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