Monday, July 19, 2010

Junkyard desert delight: 1951 Ford F100, more classic pickup trucks

Sand, sun and slow-rusting classic trucks can be found in the desert junkyards of the United States. What was left of decades old paint on this 1951 Ford pickup truck has been burned away by the blistering sun. The dry, desert air has preserved the F100's bare sheet metal. Wear items, such as interior pieces and rubber weather stripping have not held up as well to the sun’s abuse.  
These photos are from Hal Lee's search for a rust-free hot rod project along the Colorado and New Mexico border. Lee came away with tons of photos and one old car during his adventure. It looks like there are plenty of vintage trucks ready to be plucked from the desert. 
You might want to check out Desert Classics for more western junkyard inspiration. They have hundreds of restorable classic and vintage vehicles and tractors for sale in Butte, Montana.
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Anonymous said...

tienes la tapa porton de la caja de c10 mod 66

Banda cautivadora said...

oye compa cuanto pides por esa ford 52 y donde esta?

rpkmaster said...

It sucks I have no junkyards near me. :(

Unknown said...

hi me an d my dad are locking 4 a car and i saw this car in a junk yarad so i wana knbow were is the junk yard lol thnx pliz tell meh i will drie 4 1 of those cars

Anonymous said...

its a f2 3/4 ton

Anonymous said...

Do you have any 1971 or1972 Pontiac Lemans parts