Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1973 Ford Gran Torino Sport

The year was 1979 and high school student John Mascia was cruising the streets of Long Island, New York in his 1973 Gran Torino. Fast forward 27 years and Mascia, now living in Alabama, was longing for another 1973 Gran Torino. Not just any Gran Torino, one better than his first. It was Super Bowl Sunday in 2006 when Mascia's son spurred him to go take a look at a '73 Torino for sale in Florence, Alabama. "Uncanny, it was exactly the way I wanted my Torino to look,' said Mascia. "Everything was in great shape and original except for new paint. Even the 8-track tape player worked." Mascia beams as he talks about his bright red Gran Torino Sport. He keeps a case of 8-tracks in the trunk, it's also a time capsule for 1973 vintage Torino brochures and shop manuals.

Mascia's Gran Torino Sport was originally from Cleveland, Tennessee. He found an old oil change receipt buried in the car. A quick phone call was made and he found out that the car was involved in a divorce settlement. The wife won the car in the settlement and kept it in her basement until her ex-husband died. She then sold it to a buyer in Florence, AL which is where Mascia bought the car.

Mascia's 1973 Gran Torino Sport is equipped with a 351 Cleveland engine and Cruise-O-Matic three-speed automatic transmission. He meticulously keeps the engine bay and every inch of the Gran Torino Sport spotless. The interior vinyl seating surfaces look showroom fresh. Ford built 11 different Torino models in 1973. They ranged from 2-to-4-doors in SportsRoof, formal roof, pillared roof, hardtop, sedan and station wagons. So many possibilities but Mascia found the Torino he wanted. For this native New Yorker, it's almost like he's back in high school again.
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Anonymous said...

if ya ever sell that car email me I want it that was my 1st car 73 torino sport royal blue with a white pin stripe and a white vinyl top be blessed Carl